Wesley Blaylock

by Wesley Blaylock

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released 26 June 2012



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Wesley Blaylock Nashville, Tennessee

I live in Nashville, TN. This is my first musical project as a solo artist. For the past seven years I have performed as the singer for Deas Vail, an indie rock band out of Arkansas. I love songwriting, and this project is a dream for me. I hope you enjoy the songs! ... more

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Track Name: Asleep At The Wheel
I’ll go, cause I know this is what we need.
But when you’re right here in front of me, it’s just so hard to do.
I know all of this was our fantasy. We’re headed for tragedy if we can’t let this go.

It’s like falling asleep at the wheel and driving right over the edge.
If there’s a chance we can heal…we got to get off this ride before we both collide while there’s time to get out alive

It’s okay. You can’t blame the clouds for rain, or the tides for the way they change.
You know our hearts work the same.

I know I could say that I’ll change for you.
How much would it take and what would we do when this comes around again!

(Background Vocal)
So please keep a warm place for memories. For our slow songs and starlit scenes…for our beautiful end.
Track Name: Burns The World To Gold
I sing my saddest songs in stormy weather.
Running from the thunder…
Waiting in the grey until the sun slowly rises and burns the world to gold.
Love, it burns the world to gold.

Lead my trembling hands to something familiar.
Nameless is the feeling.
Won’t somebody point me to myself, one happy memory, waiting in the distance?
A tiny glimpse of home.

I’m sinking down to the bottom of an ocean.
And I may drown if you can’t bring me up for air.
Track Name: Falling Over You (feat. Laura Blaylock)
I wonder how long our bridges will stay strong.
We float over our world.
We surface to find two hearts all entwined.
Our quiet nights.

Won’t you follow me underneath the willow tree?
They always make me think of you.
It’s where we fell in love. We just couldn’t dance enough.
Like the falling of the willow bloom, I’m falling over you.

Our ideas arranged on theories that change. Some things hold on.
Look inward. Look deep. Look forward to the defeat of this lonely life.

I saw you. You saw me, so well it hurt. My silence. Your silence, speaks more than words. You’re the one I noticed. The only one I noticed. You’re the one I know.
Track Name: Finally The Truth (feat. Hannah Blaylock)
Is true love really true? Does it fade out? Does it come back to you?
Damn me, and my foolish ways. I just can’t see it until it’s all been erased.
I’m not here to try to hurt you but I’ve got some things to say.
Our love has been a whirlwind and these circles always lead us to the same old end. It’s the same old end.
In the only way I know, I’m trying to tell you that I’m letting you go.
That I think it’s for the best, and if I’ve wronged you I know in time you will forget.
You’ll soon be glad it’s over…that we didn’t wasted what’s left of us.
Cause we’re just looking for the exit signs and slowly watching as the years slip through the cracks of time, through the cracks of time.

This is overdue, that we finally begin to see the truth.
I will follow through. I will help you say goodbye but baby know it’s know an easy thing to do.

Just don’t lie. You’re love run dry.
Track Name: Sway
I feel unsettled in the spring and fall.
In the seasons that will come and change us all.
I can never tell which one of them, is right around the bend.
Will I go to sleep or come to life again?

The summer breeze will give my leaves their song.
It’s the music that’s familiar to us all.
That melody, for every tree, is the writing on the wall,
because that same breeze will cause my leaves to fall.

The winter nights will hide the light of summer.
It may seem that I’ve nothing left to give.
But my roots are strong, I’m holding on for springtime.
Soon you’ll see there’s life in me again.
Soon you’ll see…there is life in me again.

Every season’s is moving towards an end.
It won’t be long until it comes back again.
The colder months will come for us and slowly settle in, but soon my leaves will sing their song again.